About Soho

The colourful streets of Soho are jam-packed with things to do. Here you can explore an abundance of boutiques which sell anything from high-end jewellery, bespoke antiques and designer fashionwear. There’s ample of pubs and restaurants where you can tuck into anything from a hearty British Sunday roast, to the finest French and Italian cuisine.

Soho is also at the beating heart of the West End, which has more than 30 theatres which entertain Londoners, visitors and tourists with a diverse range of performances. Here you can sing your heart out while enjoying an iconic rendition of The Lion King or be on the edge of your seat watching the chilling Woman in Black.

For centuries, the Soho area of London has long been known for it’s Red Light District. During the mid 19th Century, Soho was brimming with theatre and music halls which entertained the higher class and aristocrats of the city. After the curtains closed, many of the wealthy audience members sought the company of a lady in the night, whom they would usually approach on the streets of Soho or in the area’s posh gentlemen’s clubs. Soho was bursting with prostitution and many residents called for the British government to clamp down on the selling of sex, due to it taking over their residential streets. Due to this, the law was changed which made it illegal for sex-workers to roam the streets looking for business. However, this wasn’t the end for Soho’s sex-industry as many working-girls began to trade from walk-ups instead.

During the mid 1950s, Soho was thriving with walk-ups. A walk-up is essentially an apartment in which clients can simply just show up and seek the services of a working-girl. On the exterior, a banner or poster will be showcased to advertise the services the girl provides. If you like what you read, you can simply press the buzzer to be welcomed up to the apartment. Though not as popular in the 21st Century, Soho is still famous for walk-ups. In 2019, sex-shops and adult cabaret are also very dominant on the streets of Soho, which are maintaining its name as London’s Red Light District.

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